buyer’s broker


Green line Realty has the #1 buyer’s broker incentive in NYC

We Rebate 25% of Our Commission!



When attending an open house to View apartments for sale the broker at the open house does not represent you. That broker represents the owner for whom he is trying to sell the property at the highest price possible. If you don’t use a buyer’s broker you don’t have representation,


A buyer’s broker can look up detailed property history for you and run a comparable search to make sure you get the best deal possible. That is the only true way to see if the price they are offering is close to market value. When searching for a property to buy online you are using out of date, non specific search systems. Many brokers will only highlight their own listings, rather than conducting a full market search. Only a broker can provide a completely updated and detailed search for what you are looking for.




Without a buyer’s broker you aren’t fully prepared for what paperwork you will need, what type of attorney you should be working with or simply knowing the difference between condos and co-ops. Condos and Co-ops are very different in the approval process, specifically what each requires of you financially and personally to get approved. Once an offer is accepted there is the board package process which can be very tedious and time consuming, yet another reason to have a buyer’s broker help facilitate the deal and get you moved into your new home.